Friday, March 12, 2010

everybody is not built to be a parent...

So for the record, I am LOVING the new Lady Gaga video featuring Beyonce. Well done! If I ever decide to swing the other way, please believe it will be with that white woman. Homegirl is on a whole other level and I for one am not mad at all.

Speaking of hot music videos... Did ya'll hear about the craziness with director of the Fugees's killing Me Softly video? To quote my boy Special P, YOOOO!


Talking about he was trying to create a pure bloodline because the world was coming to an end and it was just going to be him and his offspring inheriting the earth.


But wait on it- Dude wasn't even attempting to be discreet about the crazy like those other pervs we've heard about recently. Nope, there were no children locked in a Brooklyn basement. This negro was brazenly running around calling his daughters his wives in PUBLIC. Like what, say something.

Matter of fact, he even told the woman that he was living with back in 2002, the whole story. This chick was a LAWYER at a top Manhattan firm. And she didn't say a single WORD.

"He was this successful artist who had worked with the Fugees," explains Subhana Rahim to The Daily News. "I was shocked when he told me that they were his daughters and that he'd been sleeping with them. I didn't try to understand something so ridiculous."

Okay... so at the time you refused to understand but eight years later you want to tell people about it? Really??

Can we all say, Educational FAIL.

I'll tell you what, if ANYONE I know ever starts talking about sleeping with his own offspring, boyfriend, baby father, husband or not, I'm going to the po-po IMMEDIATELY. As in not now, but RIGHT NOW while wearing nothing but my pajamas and head scarf. And I don't give a DAMN if you were just kidding.

I do NOT play those reindeer games.

My heart goes out to these kids. I pray that not only does this animal get thrown UNDER the jail for these crimes but that ALL the women who had knowledge and were complacent about the abuse, join him there as well.

*tosses holy water like I'm popping champagne*


  1. Agreed. These women said NOTHING....I don't understand it. Can't just blame the man.

  2. Can she be charged with stupidity? I can only say that if that top firm catches wind of this she will probably be out of a job. That's some mess. You can be she that if I knew some mess like that was going down, I'd be on the phone to the "po-po" and child and family services. Craziness!


  3. Not only is he sick....that woman's reaction....or should i say, lack of reaction, just proves that society, on the whole, is sick too. Please Jesus, save us from our own stupidity!! Praying for these girls, and hoping that He gets what he deserves.