Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's a national hip hop holiday...

I'm sitting here listening DJ Mr. Cee spin all of BIG's greatest hits on Hot 97 and reminiscing on how amazing life was in the early 90s when Ready To Die first hit. The music felt so personal that no matter where you were listening-the club, your car or the crib; the air immediately began to feel almost electric. From the very first listen, I was addicted to this man's voice and flow. I swear, I must've played it on repeat nonstop at least 48 hours straight. Ask Elsa, 'ish was crazy.

In retrospect, I think his back story and music impacted so many of us so intensely b/c BIG's undeniable success made any and everything seem possible. If this akward fat kid with a lazy eye from Brooklyn could jump on a straight upstart label like Bad Boy and turn the world out, then shit... Why couldn't I party my ass of off, graduate at the top of my class, have the career of my dreams, make millions of dollars and pop bottles poolside w/ my boo for the remainder of my life?

I'm just saying.

Anyhoo, I am so thankful for the inspiration. You da best Big Poppa!


  1. Do we do all this when Tupacs death roles around?


  2. People that were as touched by his music will. I'm an eastcoast girl so me, not so much.