Monday, March 8, 2010

the new kanye...

On a whole, I didn't necessarily dislike the Oscars so much as I felt they were extremely predictable. We all knew Mo'Nique was going to receive a well deserved win and with all the backlash from his notoriously messy divorce and Svengali ways swirling, I also kinda understood it was time for James Cameron to take an L. And quite honestly, I didn't love most of the dresses... Um, Zoe's too big purple Can-Can dress? No thank you.

But one thing or rather person I was SO not prepared for was Elinor Burkett, the out-of-control, chubby Willy Wonka looking white woman who bumrushed the stage and pulled a straight Kanye on hapless director-producer, Roger Ross-Williams. No sir, that one COMPLETELY caught me off guard.

Just as the poor guy was about to start speaking, out of nowhere this busty red-head snatched the mic and began to talk over him. LOUDLY. And unlike Kanye, this bish didn't even give the mc back, Nope, she keep it going till the traveling music started to play.


It's being reported that Burkett was one of the original producers of the winner of the Best Doc Short Award, “Music by Prudence,” follows Prudence, a disabled woman in Zimbabwe with an incredible singing voice. And that Williams and she had some sort of fall out over the direction of the film and was removed. A year ago.

*Dead Fish Eyes*

All I'm saying is, all's fair is entertainment and humiliation. And if the entire world can hold a grudge against Kanye and stay crying a river for poor Taylor Swift, then there better be some tears shed for 'ole dude. READ: Either Rog is now entitled to have his own best year EVER with folks just GIVING him project money and film awards whether he actually has a anything work producing (just like they GAVE Taylor Swift's semi-talented ass all those Grammys) or I don't wanna see this chick at another Oscar ceremony for at least the next 5 years. The End.

PS. Peep how in the very beginning Mama Williams blocked Burkett from getting out of the aisle and following behind her son. HEE-Larious!


  1. i saw that, and i felt so bad for him cause im sure he worked really hard for that and that was his moment to shine...i mean, they didn't call HER name, they called HIS manners!

  2. How the heck do all these people get to come onstage when they don't belong? Did you see the end of the Jay-Z & Rihanna performance a few months ago when Beyonce tried to stop Lil Mama from going onstage with them at the end of their set? It's like the new performance faux paus trend. Ridiculous.

  3. I am confused, and have to admit I did not invest time to watch all the advertising for some short entertainment. Still, wasn't her name called? I heard nothing about this on NPR this morning. Thanks for sharing. Talk about a rude woman!!

  4. Um, yea, Elinor's snatch & grab tactics were totally unexpected and over the top, but be clear, she did have a right to be onstage. Contrary to some comments, her name, along with Roger's, was indeed announced. You can hear (and see) her name clearly in the clip. Not saying her behavior was appropriate, but comparing her stunt to Kanye's is not apples-to-apples.

  5. I was sooo confused. I was like who is she. I couldn't figure out what the hell she was talking about.