Wednesday, March 3, 2010

not really that funny...

Another day, another new tidbit about one of our fave celebs- so Mo'Nique and her husband (who I must admit is rather charming looking) have an open relationship, huh? Interesting.

And according to the NY Daily News, apparently I'm tardy to the party on this bit of Hollyweird info.

Honestly, it's not for me to judge. If you're cool with your husband sleeping with other women and he's cool with you having sex with other men, so be it. I don't have to crazwl into that bed with either of the two of you at the end of the night. Whatever keeps peace in the home. But is it just me or is something a little off/ sad when one spouse is so adamant about being faithful within the union as she/he shrugs' off the other's dalliances? Mmm-hmmm...

Check it out the quote that made me pause:
"Let me say this: I have not had sex outside my marriage with Sidney," the Academy Award nominee says in this year's 29th Barbara Walters Oscar special. "Could Sid have sex outside of his marriage with me? Yes. That's not a deal-breaker."
Really Mo?

*serious side-eye*

Sigh... It just seems like there was a better way to word that, no? Like maybe she could've said, 'I've been so busy with my new film projects and TV show that haven't had the time to have sex outside my marriage'... or SOMETHING. Anything that would've stopped it from seeming like while you have no interest in sleeping with other men besides your husband, he's allowed to do whatever in the hell he feels like (because you'd rather turn a blind eye than break-up). You feel me? Or am I just reading into this too much?


  1. No, I felt the same way when I read it awhile back. And I have had my side-eye on him since... He seems a bit cavalier to me... Always kinda half smirking...
    On her part, it sounds like an excuse to forgive his infidelities upfront. Like he said to her, "Look, I love you but I could never be faithful. If you cool with that, then we can get married." So she agreed cause she wanted to marry him. Makes her look desparate. #imjustsaying...

  2. This is not news, it may be for those who've never read the article or were never fans of Monique or those who want to spread what they deem as gossip. I do understand why this is now an issue because she's now reaching the top tier in her career and her marketability factor has gone up. I read about this years ago when she first married the man.Undoubtedly she wasn't a big enough star to garner this type of attention from the likes of the NY Daily news or any other mainstream outlet and personally I took it as none of my business what type of relationship she and her husband has.When I first heard the Ladies of the View talking about it this morning, I said to out loud-welcome to the top now Monique and be prepared for them to topple you.

  3. Ditto Divalocity's comments. Monique's talked about this extensively in the past and the context here is a little askew. What she has said in the past is that infidelity is not a dealbreaker, which is not quite the same as a free pass.
    Quite honestly, she's not unique here. There are MANY grown folk who have been married for a long time that feel the same way. Forever is a long time. It can happen. You work past it.You weigh the moment against the entire span and worth of the relationship and work past it. Or not.
    I too find the timing of this seriously suspect since she has spoken about this literally years before.
    I'm certainly not going to judge her. She's happy, confident and very, very clear about what it takes to make her marriage work. That's more than I can say for a lot of people. What works for her doesn't have to work for me. That's HER husband and THEIR business.
    I also think looking at her strictly through the lens of desperate and compromising woman who wants to get married at any cost is a fairly myopic, American and limited view of Monique, sexuality and the many ways to have a relationship. The funny thing is that in France this probably wouldn't have even made the news. Wishing her the very best at the Oscars.

  4. I'm with the above. I see it more as what they have (a friendship since high school and babies) is bigger than a little fling he may have. I hate that she keeps saying it. Like, thats all cool. But if thats what works for yall, do it, and keep it to yourself. Im sure their vows didnt say "forsaking all others, well most others" . . .

  5. I agree, it's their business and only their busines. Now open marriage is another issue, which I don't get but if it floats your boat then good for you. Not my thang.


  6. Eh-whatever floats your boat I suppose. However-the fact that she has not stepped out on her marriage when ( presumably ) he has , in my opinion, lends itself to theory of compromise of self and principles in order to SAY you are a wife. Hell-why get married ??

  7. This is their business indeed but when you give a pass, is there a maximum on the number of passes. In my view the sanctity of marriage has just flown out of the window.

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