Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tardy to the party...

Uh-oh, it looks like married women are no longer turning a blind eye on this recent mistress/ sidechick uprising that's been popping off on a la ESPN's Steve Phillips, Tiger Woods & most recently, Jesse James.It seems a humiliated 60 year-old North Carolina woman sued her ex-husband's mistress for 9 MILLION dollars for willfully wrecking thee 33-year long marriage. Oh and guess what? She won.

Puh-lease don't ask me how I missed this in yesterday's NY Post... But thank God for Young, Black & Fabulous, huh?

So now forreal, forreal, what do you think? Should a wife/husband be able to sue the home wrecker that ends a marriage? Theoretically, she/he is NOT the person who signed the legally binding marital contract. Or more importantly, the individual who promised in front of God, family and friends to be faithful to the union? Hmm...

Whether we like it or not, 'ish happens. To play devil's advocate, there are many times when the other person isn't even aware of the marriage. And in those SPECIFIC cases, I'd prob say get you a top of the line divorce lawyer and call it a day.


If it can be proven that some no-home-training- having individual was deliberate and malicious in their intent- have at it. Leave no stone unturned when searching for ways to make that person's life a living nightmare.

It is what it is.


  1. I think if you can prove that the filthy whore knew he was a married man and entered a sexual relationship with him knowingly putting his wife's health and family at risk then she deserves to be sued. I personally have never dated a married man and demand to see "separation papers" with my own eyes. (because men DO lie) but as women we have to be smarter and more responsible with our own lives. If you are a passenger stopped in a car full of drugs, does the law care that it wasn't yours? that you"didn't know" NO- you're dumb ass goes to jail because u need to pick better boyfriends/friends. I don't get into cars with weedheads I KNOW are carrying weed at all times. I know the law and am smarter than that.

    I think this is a great case and i hope to see more like it. GOLDDIGGERS, GROUPIES...BEWARE YOU FILTHY SCUM.


  2. This is from the Greensboro News''The husband of Cynthia Shakelford claimed that Ms Lundquist did not ruin their married life instead they had a troubled married life before he met Ms Lundquist. He also said that they had gone through three rounds of failed counseling. According to a post on the Greensboro News-Record’s website on which he wrote that their marriage had not broken due to Anne Lundquist.''Also the 9 million dollars is based on HIS income, not hers. She's essentially paying for his philandering and the wife's chronic denial which is both sexist and bullshit, quite frankly. She was also not present in court and was not given enough time to get an attorney. I expect it won't hold on appeal. This is not holding the mistress equally responsible, it's holding her entirely responsible for some shit that was broke from the damn gate. Come on.