Tuesday, December 14, 2010

when lightskin was big in da hood...

Yesterday afternoon I came across a well written criticism of Kanye's West upcoming video, Monster. (Read it HERE) The writer, Melinda Tankard Reist takes serious issue with all of the dead bodies strewn throughout the promo. And not just because it's kinda distasteful to have corpses literally hanging around from the rafters, but be really because, from the clip it seems that all the bodies are women. And truth be told, there is a certain unavoidable subliminal message conveyed when the only bodies being desecrated and discarded are female. It's called gendered violence.

Now with all that said, I actually respect Kanye's willingness to take everything to the limit- even if it makes folks question whether you have a thing for necrophilia. BLANK STARE.

Shoot, it takes a lot to make a hit song that really sticks with folks nowadays.

So, I'm not jumping to judgement until I see the entire video. And I'll also keep my fingers crossed that there are a bunch of dead male bodies chilling in Nikki Minaj's segment. To make it equal and whatnot...


But morning, I got to reminiscing about the days that it didn't take FOUR people and a graphic ass video to make a song memorable. You know, when ONE dope ass rapper could create a banger that was so hot you didn't even need the video (that was clearly conceptualized ny people under the influence of more than a little licca and probably cost all of $50).

Exhibit A: Redman's 's Time 4 Sum Aksion

Keep it real, if you were older than 8 years old at the time that this song dropped, it was your shit. Forreal. And if you weren't, get into it now.

Oh, by all means, feel free to thank me later.

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  1. Great post and I enjoyed the article you link to. I just watched the trailer and I'm sufficiently creeped out. I know this imagery is in line with Kanye's album title but a bunch of dead women hanging or with legs spread...and necrophilia?! Damn, I miss old school...Time 4 Sum Aksion was the sh*t!