Wednesday, December 8, 2010

another reason to support hbcus....

Running out the door this morning but I had to take a moment and give a shout out to the 5 brilliant Columbia students that were arrested yesterday afternoon in the wake of a huge undercover narcotics operation: (from left) Stephan Vincenzo, Michael Wymbs, Chris Coles, Adam Klein and Harrison David .

Way to use your intelligence, access and priviledge for a whole bunch of nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

Yeah... My fave is Harrison talking about, he HAD to do it because his father wouldn't pay his tuition. Word? And the concept of a student loan and part-time job never, ever, ever crossed his mind, huh? Oh okay, just checking.


All of ya'll are a bunch of freaking idiots. Instead of graduation, now you're looking at serious Fed time. Good. Luck.

PS. Special kudos to the Chris Coles. There's always a confused one in the bunch. Your poor parents... this is NOT what they signed on for when they sent their little Black boy to a such a prestigious Ivy League University.


  1. Even better? "Stephan Vincenzo"'s real name is Jose Lopez. He changed it because he felt it was too plain *BLANK STARE*

  2. i guess you had a scholarship to pay for your education. i went to tenn state. 20,000 less than columbia per semester. nothing but a pell grant. no athletic scholarship. worked a full time job, took out loans, and still had to sell drugs here and there to pay for school. yeah i supported my family back home, but the tuition was a bigger burden. some might say i bit off too much or didn't think it through, but luckily I was never arrested for drugs. i don't think i saw any other options. when everyone your age is in school, and your desire to learn is still afire, you sort of feel like you have to do it then or you'll never do it all. maybe these guys are nothing like me. maybe they did it to be cool. who knows but them? in reality most of the dealers i know hate doing it but have no choice. i don't blame these kids. universities are government sponsored clinics for narcotics of all sorts. the truth is there are still at least a dozen or so other clicks on campus probably picking up their business. i thin the conversation should focus here. because unfortunately this problem is nationwide and unfortunately more of a detriment to our long standing but fledgling HBCUs.