Friday, December 24, 2010

have a super duper christmas...

Wow, it is December 24th, Christmas Eve. Wow, almost an entire year has passed ALREADY. SMH.

This was definitely a tumultuous year for many- myself included. However, there are endless reasons to be thankful, happy and optimistic. So do me a favor and FIND at least ONE.

*patiently waits for you to figure it out*

And no matter who you're with, where you're at or whether you even believe in this over commercialized holiday season, at some point between now and December 31st, please stop & take a minute to simply breathe.

You deserve it.

Thank you all so much for rockin' with me over the past year. I am so grateful for each and everyone of my readers. Whether you commented on the blog or simply called to say that I was a damn fool, your input matters. I am always happy to entertain.

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend party people!


  1. Way to go Mitz Just what santa wants for us this holiday and don,t forget kwanza starting on the 26

  2. Happy Holidays Mitzi.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate