Wednesday, September 8, 2010

who you with...

See, here's the thing about the whole "for better or for worse," aspect of the wedding vow. Folks are quick to say it cause it sounds good, but have they really considered what it MEANS??

And I'm not hating on marriage. I'm just raise the point, that one never knows what's going to happen around the next corner. And take it from me, when shit hits the fan, everybody ain't built to stand the rain. As hurtfuls as it might be in at that moment, I'd much rather my partner 'fess up that he doesn't what it takes to be with me.As opposed to him faking the funk, sticking around, being resentful and make my situation even crazier.

Think I'm tripping? Well allow me to introduce EXHIBIT A:
Darrell White of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Yo. Why did this mean ass, 65 year-old man allow his poor bedridden wife to be eaten TO DEATH by maggots??

*nosedives into the shallow end of the pool*

Apparently, his 46 year-old wife Jorene suffered from a crippling case of arthritis. And ultimately, found herself completely confined to the bed. And somewhere along the line, the role of primary caretaker must've become too much and this psychopath just stopped taking care of her.

Now mind you, when I saw stop taking care of her; homegirl didn't starve to death. Nope. (Although quietly, that might have been 100 times more humane than being slowly eaten alive). Dude simply quit taking her to the doctor, turning her over, moving her legs/arms or even worse cleaning up her poo. PAUSE. So needless to say, when the authorities came to recover her corpse, she was COVERED with flies, maggots and bed sores.

*insert extended horror movie scream*

So you tell me: what part of the happily-ever-after game is this madness??



That poor woman would've had a better chance in poorly funded, state-run facility with unlicensed health care practitioners than with the very man that swore to love and protect her till the end of days. SMH.

Just wrong.

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  1. Damn! That's really sad. And freakin' disgusting!