Wednesday, September 8, 2010

whats a bite between friends...

Lord have mercy, ya'll voyeuristic animal lovers are gonna learn to leave these wild animals alone I tell you.

First the tiger in the little Miami wildlife park and now, the lion at the MGM resort in Vegas done attacked and bit one of its trainers in the leg. And again, the whole thing is caught on camera by nosey onlookers

Experts talking about the trainer seemed to stiffen up when the lion looked at him. And in the wild, that's a sign of aggression. So like a teenager, was simply trying to show his dominance.


Um, I assume that this man is a trained profession, correct? (Hence why he was getting in the glass container with these cats to begin with.) So why wouldn't he know not to "stiffen up" if that's all it was? Uh-uh, sorry bruh. I don't believe you. I think this lion-just like that tiger that jumped the 14-foot fence- was just tired of the shenanigans. The End.

Although quite honestly, my favorite part is the lioness jumping on the back of the lion like, "CHILL negro! You know how fickle these damn humans are. One minute you're their main attraction and the next, they're euthanizing that ass!!"'

ROFL ROFL Yes, I'm an idiot....

But so are the folks that think it's cute to keep a grown lion and lioness in a oversized fishbowl for tourists to ogle. So there.


  1. (spits my coffee at the screen laughing)The man was in the lion's house and he didn't respect the house' rules - reminder of who rules that house jusified...