Thursday, September 16, 2010

put down the doughnuts...

Oh the NYPD meter maids... SMH.

It just so tragic how seriously this mean-spirited division of the police department takes itself. Like, it's not our fault you couldn't even qualify to fight REAL crime. Tell you what, instead of taking it out on every tom, dick and harry who's car is even remotely parked near a dead fire hydrant, why don't you go workout and study a little something? So maybe one day, you can catch a real criminal. No, too much like right? I figured.

*rolls eyes*

So check this out: according to the NY Post a NYPD traffic cop was so busy ticketing a car parked on the wrong side during alternate side of the street cleaning, that the dummy chick didn't even notice the driver was sitting in the car- DEAD. Oh and wait on it, it's not like the corpse was leaned back against the seat where he could've been mistaken for sleeping. Nope. Homeboy overdosed and died with his body straight slumped over the steering wheel. Can you imagine?


Bish, I know all you do for 8 hours is ride around in a little go-cart and bring misery to drivers. But forreal, forreal aren't you a trained POLICE OFFICER? How you leave a ticket on the windshield and don't even bother to make sure the car is unattended? Shouldn't you of all people be AWARE of your surroundings at all times? How you busy telling me, if you see something say something but your oblivious ass ain't notice a damn CORPSE??

And all fun and games aside, what if dude had been a victim of a violent crime and the perpetrator was still in the area looking for the next victim?? But no. Miss Thang was so busy trying to get back to that ice latte she probably left in the car, she completely missed the actual opportunity to PROTECT & SERVE our community.

Waste of my damn taxes dollars.


  1. Wow, she was trying to make that quota.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. I. CANT. WITH. YOU!

    One to many tickets in your time huh? LOL

  3. wow...i can't.
    however, pls tell me the windows were tainted which is why she couldn't see the guy? o_o *walks away mumbling to self*