Monday, September 27, 2010

look at what willow started...

And so it begins... the attack of the adolescent R&B singers. SMDH. Can please tell what in the auto-tune hell do these little boys know about girls loving them down? Perhaps it's just me but, why are they even on cellphones enough to be singing about this nonsense? Shouldn't their little skinny behinds be in a classroom LEARNING some 'ish or something?


Here's the thing, I'm not mad at little kids wanting to be performers and singing their little hearts out- if it's Disney appropriate. Why? Cause that's the appropriate demo. But when you've got CHILDREN running around wearing deep cut v-neck t-shirts, pretending to be grown before they even hit the double digits, it's a totally different story.

Were are they going to go from here? Songs about seduction? Um, no thank you. We've already got a rising pre-teen pregnancy problem in our communities. I'mma need their management to pull out the Jonas Brothers blueprint and get on that. Leave the gyrating in florescent lit hallways to Trey Songz, et al. Forreal.

Oh, and if somebody don't explain the length of Ray-Ray's damn hair... *grabs scissors*


  1. Okay .... so I see this and makes me remember when the boy groups we fell over in the late 80's/early 90's, sorta, were The Boys, Another Bad Creation, Perfect Gentlemen, etc. At least they sang about the things that were relevant to us back then. Maybe it's just that we're getting older and we can't stand it anymore. What's relevant to my older nieces now at ages 12-19 (yeah I have quite a few) isn't relevant to me at all. Hell we probably couldn't stand it then! But I digress .... and why is Ray-Ray's hair that long? Nobody thought to invest in some clippers around age 1?

  2. "...wearing deep cut v-neck t-shirts..." *dead*

  3. 13 year old boys talk about 13 year old girls. Most teens have phones. Okay, you have not heard any of the other songs. They have a song called "Future" My future is looking bright, girl I got a future. Positive thinking. They aren't dressed like thugs, I wonder what people thought about the Jackson 5's clothes when they were just starting out with the afros and wild colors and patters and bell bottoms. The have been around for 2 years so Willow didn't start this and They are part of an organziation that Ms Obama is part of. Teaching kids about education, eating and exercising. Please do the research first before you give them a bad name. Thank you

  4. Ohhh no *looks perplexed*. Twitter gonna be my downfall, lololo! I just saw this video and now your blog. What a waste and teachers are blamed for the state of the children. Priorities people! I just had to check an 8th grader (calling herself a cougar) soon to be 14 years old interested in my 11 yo. I don't think so.

  5. They can dance though.

    But why do the boys look like 10 or 11 and the girls look 15-17? I mean, yeah girls mature faster but these chicks in this video are NOT the same age as these little boys. And they're extra weaved up . . . at that age?!!