Thursday, September 23, 2010

burning my eyes...

So yeah, not sure about you but personally I'm not really trying to go see The Social Network in theaters. Not saying it's not interesting enough to add it to the queue when it hits Netflix but as for shelling out my hard earned $12.50 to see a movie that's just prob to make me feel like I haven't done 'ish with my entire life- err-um, no thank you.

Howsomever, I do think that it's pretty fantastic that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million dollars to the Newark public school system. Yep, pretty fantastic and right on time. Cause I for damn sure needed something EXTRA SPECTACULAR to help my mind recover from the leaked cellphone pics of Eddie Long posing in his bathroom like Demi Moore wearing head-to-toe shiny black spandex and a Kangol.


The Lord be coming through all day every day, I tell ya.


  1. Girl, you just made me spit out my coffee. You have an amazing way with words!