Thursday, July 15, 2010

tell the truth, shame da devil...

Hold up one goddamn minute! Why'd I just hear on the radio that K-Ci and Jo-Jo have a new album AND a reality show coming soon? BLANK STARE. You know what... the Devil is a liar and I will not succumb. Nope, no ma'am I will not. I rebuke this tomfoolery in the name of Dalvin, Devonte and an old school Mary J ass whooping.

*backflips into a bedazzled Walmart casket*

I'm so sorry, but dem two crackheads have been nothing but two strong hits out of a grave for the longest. Exhibit A: the above video clip where Jo-Jo falls the hell out mid-performance and K-Ci kindly steps over that big ass as he continues to wail, OOOOOOOO YEAH!!!

Uh, huh. And you know why? Cause he sees that nigga black out e'ryday and what?

So no. I CANNOT imagine what kind of "hot" new material they could call themselves putting out.... Unless it's an instrumental album accompanied by sounds of an inhale, choke and cough.


SMH. Forget about that Dru Hill nonsense that Keith Sweat is trying to peddle. This right here is about to be a damn shame of Whitney & Bobby epic proportions...

*immediately jots down reminder note to be on the look out for commercials*


  1. That is all I can think about. I wonder if he will do it and drop his pants on the show with his crispy Flava Flav looking self. I only will watch cause I wanna here them sing Lately.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. WOW!! Damn near fell out my damn self after watching that mess.

  3. Dude, this so confused me! He literally just fell out? And K-Ci literally kept singing? And the big ass anonymous dude just walks by him? WTH?!!!!! This just leads me right back to wondering how low was Mary's self-esteem that she let this stone cold fool hold her hostage for all those years? Good grief! Thank God she broke free. Goodness.