Thursday, July 29, 2010

lookin more like the Bronx...

So I'm really starting to believe that ignorance is way too underrated. Mmm-hmm... There are just some things that I'm just never going to understand and clearly, better off never even knowing about.

Exhibit A: the seeming "normal" French couple that just so happened to have eight and counting newborns buried in their backyard garden?


EIGHT babies? Dude, how were they able to snatch EIGHT (probably more) babies and nobody noticed? Now I don't have kids, so I could be wrong... Howsomever, if my newborn offspring suddenly went missing, I'd probably want to tell somebody. You know, like file a report with the police, do a TV appearance, maybe put up a flyer.... or something. Right? SMH.

I'm just so confused.

Oh and for the record, the attached six minute Bodega Queen- Busted remix that I receive courtesy of one GPayton, is NOT helping my state of mind. At all.

*proceeds to vogue on the corner*


  1. I don't think they snatched the babies, I'm guessing she was giving birth to them over the years and either hiding her pregnancies or was one of those people who are so mentally ill that they are in "pregnancy denial." Once the babies were born, she killed them. I bet her husband didn't even realize what was happening, as bizarre as that may sound.

  2. not vogueing in a corner Mitzi...

    you have to do that in the middle of the room so that we can feel the fierce-ness of it all.