Monday, July 26, 2010

stealin' sneakers from behind the speakers...

So I started out the day thinking, "Wow. I really need to say an extra prayer for President Obama. 'Cause it seems like every other day it's something else. If it's not the recession, health care, BP's oil spill or an improper firing of an official then it's the leaking of classified military documents that make the entire administration look CRAZY for A) allowing top secret info to get out and B) continuing to send our soldiers into a war that we obviously cannot win. It's too much.

BUT THEN, I saw the senseless tragedy that are the pics of Foxy Brown from her performance at B.B. Kings on


First of all, who are her family and friends? Because aside the fact that some fool co-signed on the idea of a wearing brown leather mini in the middle of July- as a woman, I can take one look at this ridiculous contraption and know that she needed about two or three strong people to help squeeze her fat ass into it. So before I even go a sentence further, be very, very clear, whomever those people are- they HATE her. HATE.

Now beyond the obvious treachery, what the hell happened to her body? I'm not saying people aren't allowed to gain weight. Especially since Foxy has clearly been on a permanent hiatus since Jay-Z stopped hitting her off with lyrics and whatever else your dirty little minds can imagine. DEAD FISH EYES. But forreal? What in the lopsided hell happened to Inga? About the skinny chicken legs, multiple Michelin tires around the waist, fat boobs hanging out around her belly button and still no eyebrows in 2010? Uh, uh Ms. Marchand, no bueno.

And the absolutely worst part to me? WHAT'S GOING ON WITH HER TEETH?? Why in the world is it all dark, black and empty where her back molars should be?? AAAHHHHH! And ya'll already know, how I feel about the dentist... *gags* But I'll tell you what, this rotten tooth smile nonsense right here makes me want to bump appointment up to like, tomorrow.

I mean... I'm just so sad. It's so awful how far she's fallen. SMH. Perhaps we should all just be thankful that her cotton panties match her nail polish.

No? Not going for that? *kanye shrug* Fuckkit. At least I tried...

*cues Brand Nubian's 'Slow Down' and turns it ALL the way up*


  1. Yeah it's quite tragic. Before I address Foxy Inga, let me just say that I spend countless hours wondering why many women out here lack truthful friends. Or is it that they surround themselves with the people who have the same exact awful taste? I saw a 6 foot 3, 200+ black woman on the train a few weeks ago wearing a short SHORT mini, with tall TALL heels. Now keep in mind that I said she was 6 foot 3, that's sans the heels. With the heels she was as tall as Vivica Fox's ex-hubby. On top of that she had more cottage cheese that the dairy section as Path Mark. Now we all have body issues which is why there are clothes to compliment our bodies. Check how her homegirl was dressed decently and tasteful. Now how in the LL Cool J did she let Amazon Lady walk out the house like that?

    But I digress, back to Inga. My cousin was in town a few weeks ago. We were walking thru Beirut, Brooklyn also known as Fulton Street Mall. We walked passed Juniors. Thanks to Puffy's silliness in season one of Making the Band, every dayum visitor wants to walk by Juniors. Ugh! Anywho, I said to my cuz kinda in passing, "There's Foxy Brown." Being a tourist I knew he would appreciate that. But when she jumped in the car, he said "That girl looked like Foxy Brown." I said, "it was. That's what I was trying to tell you." He then says, "DAMN, WHAT HAPPENED????!!!!!!!!!!!!" "nuf said.

    So yes, it is said and yes she needs friends and yes she needs a whole lotta prayer and guidance and truth and honesty and RENEWAL. Perhaps one day she'll get it together. I've said enough for the year, Mitz. I'm tapped out! :-) Tracee

  2. i clicked on it today to check out the reference to brand nubian. not sure why u gave props to sadat x, but entertained none the less.

    ryan mega

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