Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this is not the sticky icky...

Hmm, so I was listening to the radio this morning and Snoop was on air promoting his new album, Doggumentary. And truth be told, I didn't even know Snoop had a new song out let alone an entire album.

At first, I felt badly. I thought to myself, "DAYUM I'm getting old. I mean, how can I not know when a new Snoop album is dropping??"

So naturally, I immediately google the first (and apparently, ONLY) video from the album. And err-um, yeah. I'm not that old. This ish is just not remotely noteworthy. In fact, it's kinda bad.

No offense my nizzle.

*shrugs & goes back to listening to my iTunes library*


  1. Definitely not the sticky icky. Nowhere near the sticky icky. No ma'am.

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