Friday, March 11, 2011

spread the good news & support...

Okay, so I'm definitely going to the movies this weekend to support my super talented collegue, Ava DuVernay's feature debut, "I Will Follow." Based on her relationship with her late aunt, the film has been receiving stellar reviews from critics, including my old school fave Roger Ebert.


Oh and did I mention that not ONLY did Ava write & direct, she also FUNDED the film herself?!?!

*standing for slow clap*

Oh and while we're talking about movies I'm extra hype about, I cannot WAIT to see THIS:

"Like Water for Elephants" is my BOOK! And despite weird looking Robert Pattinson, I still think it's going to be an AH-Mazing film.

*grabs the popcorn & starts to drool*


  1. Maybe I will go back to the movies to see this one

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