Tuesday, March 22, 2011

he don't wanna win...

Dang, prayers up for C-Breezy this morning. That child can't seem to get out of his way.

Apparently this morning, homeboy flew into a rage mid- Good Morning America taping after being prodded one too many times about the Rihanna incident. According to sources, he ripped off his shirt, broke a mirror and smashed a window. talking about, he's tired of people bring up the past... and the difference between his treatment and Charlie Sheen.

Mind you, his album F.A.M.E drops today.


You know, I'm not even going to bother getting into the fact that as long as that little boy BREATHES, people are not going to tire of asking him about bashing Rihanna's face in OR the fact that Charlie Sheen is a grown ass WHITE man who's been in this game for longer than Chris has been alive. So no, he'll never receive equal treatment. The End.

Instead, I'm just going to point out that across the board music critics have given this album notably favorable reviews. Which is a pretty big deal for any artist nowadays let alone one that stays on the wrong side of public opinion. Okay?

Bottom Line:
Boo, you're 21 yrs-old. Watching you self-destruct has become exhausting. Enough of the temper tantrums, nude pics, ridiculous dye job and slew of angry tweets. You live a charmed life that MILLIONS of folks would barter their first born to enjoy. Grow up & act like you appreciate it.

Please & Thanks.


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