Tuesday, March 15, 2011

don't just look, do something...

Gotta tell you, the headlines today really blew me: 6.1 aftershocks in Japan as the nuclear radiation wafts through the air, a Queens teen beat to death in a gay bias attack, the 3 year-old suffering through alcohol withdrawal in Britain, the giant panda that bit it's San Diego zookeeper and yet another bus accident.

Oh and let us not forget the on-going drama in Cleavland, TX where the 11 year-old girl was viciously gang-raped by EIGHTEEN boys & men in a deserted FEMA trailer.

*shudders uncontrollably*

I mean, it's all good fine to be on our individual grinds but at a certain point, you gotta stop and look around. And then, take responsibility for what's happening. I hope that everyone reading this post is involved in some sort of positive, community service that will change another person's life for the better. Cause it's a small world. And every day the crazy gets a little closer to our homes.

*gets off of soapbox & volunteers more time w/ Hip Hop 4 Life*


  1. So necessary. Thanks for this post Mitzi Miller

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