Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my favorite two-letter word...

So last Friday night was my girlfriend Monique's surprise 30th brithday party (she's the one in the black). And although she insisted that she was surprised and happy to see all her friends come out in her honor, during the mandatory "thank you for being my friends" toast Monique admitted that turning thirty felt "kinda weird" for her. And to be quite honest, she even looked a bit dare I say-freaked out with her new status on the other side on the twenties?!?!
It's so funny to me how differently people react to aging. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Mo (who for the record actually has a fantabulous job, husband, apartment, etc.), I was THRILLED to turn thirty. As those who joined me for the extravagant bday bash can attest, I was beyond hype to usher in the new era. And I promise you, two years later, not a thing as changed. I love being grown. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have finally truly harnessed the power of the word "no." And I am excercising this right on a daily basis with my countless "not really," I don't think so," "I disagree," "not so much," "not so fast," "not even on a dare"and my all time fave "actually, I'd rather not." There's nothing in the world like opting opt of something or someone that in your heart of hearts, you KNOW you want nothing to do with. Sigh.
So come on, say it with me- um yeah, NO. Ha! You know it feels good.


  1. I was scared to turn 30. Now at 30 and a half (does that even count anymore) I have learned to take it all one day at a time and know that God is my direction.

  2. I cant wait to turn 30... I just feel like its going to be a good year for me... that everything will be in place by then... and I am working hard right now to make sure it does