Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it made my eyes hurt...

Yep, I went to see the movie, The Women this past Saturday. And let's just say it wasn't the best acting I've ever seen (could Meg Ryan's bloated lips be any more distracting? Or Jada Pinkett-Smith behave like more of a caricature of the butchy lesbian?). Howsomeva, it wasn't necessarily the worst (can we all agree anything featuring Nicole Kidman a.k.a the patron saint of long suffering, sun deprived, frail white women who always need rescuing is a waste of your hard earned $10.50?). There were definitely a couple points where I laughed, got involved and even felt an emotional tug which is pretty much the point of these chick flicks, right?
But I will say, what the movie really made me do was start thinking about the lack of Black women on the big screen. Aside from your quarterly Tyler Perry release, Black actresses don't seem to be working at all. And I know they exist because I see Meghan Good and her girls hosting the opening of every third Dunkin Doughnuts around the world. It's like there's an unspoken movement in Hollywood to return to the days when Black women (not the Eva Mendez/ Halle Berry/ other bone that they toss us in the girlfriend or adulteress role) were never seen. And that really sucks.

Sigh. So much for me plotting on how to become America's Next Desperate Housewife. Clearly, there's still a lot of work to do... Otherwise the only TV show my goddaughter is going to see her image reflected in on the 101th season of I Love New York. Boo.


  1. girl i hear ya! i dont want to see that movie at all...you are braver than me hands down =) Sanaa Latham is probably the only black woman getting any real screen time these days and she doesn't even get THAT MUCH! We gotta fix this and soon.

  2. Shame oin you for seeing that hot mess movie. They fooled with perfection. The original Women is amazing. Rosalind Russel and Joan Crawford brought it and it cant be brought the same ever again.

  3. Go figure. With all of the headlining ladies in this film, it sucked. I had no clue what it was about, didn't see any previews for it, but I did kind of want to see it. Thanks for helping me save money on this one!

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