Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another one bites the dust...

You ever have a friend that you just KNOW will probably A) never get married or at the very least B) never in a million years get married before you? Sigh, Dana was that friend. Don't get me wrong, LOVE me some Dana but you talk about the super cute, hella funny, charm the drawers off anything moving within 20 feet? Gurl... couldn't do nothing be glad he was my boy and not a former heartbreak.
And I'll admit it- I startedn to tear up as I watched him walk down the aisle this past Saturday. It was like a straight out of body experience. Thankfully, our mutual friend Christina (and a fellow single girl) was sitting beside me and she looked equally as freaked out so I know I wasn't havig a purely selfish moment.
On the brightside, once I got past the whole 'OMG, Dana Doggett is REALLY getting married before me' thing, the reception was the straight open bar, good food, jump off. The party MC came with a dancing entourage and a ton of props- whistles, cowboy hots, maracas, tamborines, neon glow sticks, afro wigs, jester hats and lots of tomfoolery. I swear I danced until my feet hurt and then two steps more.
When it's all said and done, I'm so happy for my boy (that'd the back of his big head on the cha cha line). Tawana (you guessed it, the one with the white dress) is a great person and god bless her heart for taking it on. Now if only they'll agree toschedule a recommitment ceremony jump-off with that same party MC every year, it'll be all to the good!

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