Tuesday, September 16, 2008

love is in the air...

So this past weekend I attended Anne & Andy's wedding somewhere in the woods of Pennsylvania. And I have to say, it was probably one of the best weddings I've been to in years. Everything was really simple and no-frill- I mean, the vows were exchnged were in a state park and the afterparty to the reception was a bonfire for god's sake. You really should've seen me hiding behind a station wagon in the busy parking lot as I struggled to change into my push-up bra and dress b/c we were running too late to stop at the cabin beforehand. Not city sexy at all. Now as most of you know, I'm all for the big, break the bank, go hard or go home, my super wedding ceremony/reception set-up but it was obvious that being beside a waterfall in the middle of nowhere was exactly what the two of them envisioned for thier wedding and it made all the difference. Both Anne and Andy were so happy it literally radiated off of them. For a moment, I got so caught up, I started to consider flipping the script and getting married in the woods too. But then I quickly remembered who my peoople are and I pulled it together - FAST. I could hear Karina now- "Um Mitzi? And exactly how am I supossed to climb over the stones in my 4-inch heels?" Or Shayla, " You know Steve and I are not hanging out in dark woods with the babies. Ever." And then there's my beloved Tia Puchi who ain't sleeping in nobody's tent/ yert if you paid her a million dollars. She'd be like, "Um, I don't think so. This ain't Iraq. You best to find me and the dogs a proper hotel pronto chica!" No, it just isn't gonna happen for the kid.
But seriously? The best part about the whole experience? Getting a front row seat to all the debachery that occurs behind the scenes at white weddings. MY GOD. I never really understood just how real the premise of The Wedding Crashers is. It felt like the entire reception was full of single people plotting on a hook-up with someone that they met less than five hours earlier. It was like, "I'm drunk & single and so are you. Let's make-out." Add to the equation, that we were in thewoods and I swear, it was like Woodstock 2008 at the bonfire- keg and all. Too funny!
If only Black weddings were this much fun... Sigh.


  1. How I wish you were blogging when Doug & I got married...sigh

  2. Yep Black Folks are never this simple. Even when they try...like geting married at the beach, but its inside the Westin in a ballroom.:)