Monday, February 14, 2011

when mama tina takes the night off...

So about last night's Grammys....


I mean, honestly from that horrific Aretha tribute to Lady Gaga popping out an egg just to sing over Madonna's 'Express Yourself' all the way to Rih Rih's off-key, wannabe dance hall moment and Dr. Dre's old school mom jeans. Le Sigh. Yeah, I think I pretty much said it all in my chocolate bar fueled Twitter feed rant. In case you missed it, go HERE.

But lemme ask you this... What's was going on with Beyonce?

When the camera panned on her for the first time sitting next to her BFF Gwyneth Paltrow, I did a damn double take. WTH?? Is she morphing into a white woman right in front of our very eyes?

Granted, I know this is homegirl's "winter" complexion but still- what's really good with the extra strawberry blonde weave and bare face look she was giving? As if she just decided to stop by the awards show on her way back to the hotel from running an errand at Target? I mean, less is more but none is ridiculous.


Oh and I'm not even going to discuss the drab, black, bedazzled waist-length tuxedo jacket over a pair of high-waisted, sequined booty shorts....

No bueno.


  1. Oh, see, I totally thought Mama Tina picked this outfit. Only Mama Tina could choose a bedazzled jacket with matching coochie cutters.

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  3. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the honesty because she was all wrong and I'm not saying this because I was bored with her a looonnnggg time ago.

  4. "I mean, because less is more but none is ridiculous". ROTFL!!