Friday, February 25, 2011

we're not drinking the tea in nyc...

Anti-Abortion Billboard in SoHo Comes Down:

So Life Always' offensive anti-abortion billboard came down yesterday afternoon, huh?

Woo hoo! I love it when the good guys win. Shout outs to everyone who complained, called and were prepared to mobilize to against such a blatant racist attack against African-Americans and every woman's right to reproductive choice.

*round of applause*

With that said, prayers up for the union folks in Wisconsin. It seems that despite their prolonged protests, the State House of Reps finally got it's way. Shady ass Governor Scott Walker and the GOP passed that controversial labor bill earlier this morning. Hmm... not a good look for the working middle class. At. All.

I surely hope they remember this nonsense come 2012.

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