Friday, February 11, 2011

feel better than you look...

Normally, I don't really get into the Fashion Week madness here in the city. Although I love fabulous clothes and the drama as much as the next person, the idea of sitting around gawking at emaciated human hangers prancing up and down a runway does absolutely nothing for me. At all.

Let's just say, I'm more for the open bar/ free food afterparties. *shrug*

But this year, thanks to the kind folks at Diet Coke I actually had the pleasure of attending the Heart Truth Red Collection Runway Show. Held annually, it features some of our favorite actresses and celebrities wearing red dresses from different designers to raise awareness of heart disease amongst women and inspire us to take action to lower our level of risk.

And I have to tell you, I was impressed.

Not only was the pre-show panel extremely informative. Did you know heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer COMBINED? But the stars turned out for the event- I had no idea Matthew McCougney could clean up so well. And the boys- from America's Next top Model- Miss J, Jay and Nigel were doing the absolute MOST on the front row. And the actual celeb models were very impressive:

NBC's Ann Curry was super cute, Camila Alves (Matt's baby mama) has a body to D-I-E for, Dita Von Teese is the sexiest white woman on the planet, Laila Ali & her baby bump were jamming, few make divorce look better than Garcelle Beauvais, the size of Suzanne somers breasts was epic and nobody, I mean nobody could outdo Miss Patti prancing down the walk singing her own damn song.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time laughing and clapping at the catwalk antics to get any good pictures.

My bad, next year.

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  1. Heart disease kills. So does that fake chemical laden drink in the sexy bottle resting on the table. That was pretty nervy on Coke's part. The double standard of it all must have gone right into the "whatever" drawer. Coke Kills.