Thursday, November 11, 2010

hopped up like the wwe main event...


Can we please talk about the graphic images that FDA will be requiring cigarette companies to put on all their packs and cartons as of June 22, 2011?


O-M-G! Have we really gone from the days of a cool ass Joe Camel cartoon to a dying cancer patient... I can't. What in the hell has this world come through???

I mean certainly, this campaign to discourage teens from smoking will deter anyone with a remotely queasy stomach. But my God. And to be perfectly honest, looking at that picture of the crying baby makes me wanna schedule a hysterectomy, not stop smoking.

But all jokes aside, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat. And we all know, honey catches more bees than vinegar. So instead of making the kids (and every damn body that has to see it) sick to their stomach, why doesn't the FDA take this moment to do something positive. You know, like regulate the amount of hormones that are fed to the poultry and cows.

I'm willing to bet all my birthday money that we'd have less underage kids puffing on cigarettes if the crazy growth 'roids didn't have them thinking (and looking like) they are so freaking grown.


I'm just saying.


  1. They also have one with a mom blowing smoke into her baby's face, in the press release she is described as a "breastfeeding" mother. Problematic on many levels. Many women already believe that smoking is incompatible with breastfeeding, but it's not if mom goes outside to smoke and washes her hand/changes her shirt before resuming taking care of the baby (which is what a smoking mom should be doing ANYWAY, even if she's bottle feeding). If you are going to smoke anyway, at least give your baby the benefit of your breastmilk. Blech.

  2. For me I doubt that this is going to make a difference at all. If people want to smoke they'll smoke. Maybe I should make some cigarette box covers and sell online, I'd make a killing. Hell I know and have seen how they kill the meat I eat and I don't bat an eye when cutting into my medium rare steak.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. I saw this on the news and a good friend of mine suggested it is a good time to patent a cigarette box cover. Umm some one who likes get rich quick schemes will certainly jump on that..why oh why???

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  5. We have had these images like these on cigarette boxes for a while now in Toronto. I do not smoke, but from what i've seen, smokers kind of look past it. They take what they need out of the box, and just put it away. Initially, everyone was as shocked as you are, but it fades and becomes commonplace after a while.

    Recently, a bylaw was passed saying that cigarettes could not be displayed out in the open. So, if you walk into any convenience store out here, all the cigarettes are kept behind a wall - in most cases, it's a metal cabinet behind the cash desk. I think this practice may be more of an effective way to deter teens from picking up smoking as they don't see the actual cigarettes in the store and have to ask for them to be taken out of the cabinets.

    it was odd at first seeing so much metal (and every store i go into all seem to have this 'office grey' color) but, like the graphic images, it also becomes common and you eventually get used to it.