Monday, April 4, 2011

like chubby trainers at the gym...

So err-um yeah... I gotta ask, exactly WHY are people beefing about the updated etiquette and food restrictions being imposed on New York City Health Department employees??

Because I for one, COMPLETELY agree.

For those who didn't read the article, here are some of the changes that will be going into effect today:

-no eavesdropping btwn cubicles
-no overbearing perfumes
-no displays, photos or signs that may be considered offensive
-no "celebration" cake and cookies being served at the same time
-tap water is a must
-no drinks with more than 25 calories per 8oz servings
-cut muffins & bagels in half, or order mini-sizes
-ABSOLUTELY no fried foods

Personally, I think the real tragedy is that it's necessary to TELL folks to act right and eat healthy when that's what they do for a living. ALLEGEDLY.

*insert mean momma side-eye*

I mean honestly? No eavesdropping or fried food? It's the freaking HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Call me crazy but of ALL the government agencies, they should be the LAST folks gossiping OR eating crappy food on taxpayers' dimes.

*sucks back of the teeth HARD*

Man listen... Go talk 'ish over that cup of red Kool-Aid during your regular off-site lunch break cause nobody needs it. At. All.

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