Thursday, April 14, 2011

folks are tired...

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Hmm... spent all day yesterday getting ready for and barely making my flight to Chicago so it wasn't until this morning that I heard all the hoopla about the air traffic controller who fell asleep on the job while a plane with a sick patient was trying to land.

Dude, as if flying isn't scary enough. Oh and, this makes what? The 7th time something like this has happened this year? As in, seven times the past FOUR months? SMDH.

But as potentially horrible as that situation could have been, folks falling asleep on the job still makes more sense than the woman in Newburgh who drove her four kids into the Hudson River after a fight with her boyfriend/ baby father.


And what on it- Now that the 25 year-old killed herself and 3 of the 4 children, folks are coming forward to say that the woman had been behaving strangely and seemed overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to this tragedy. Really? And no one thought to check up on her and offer to help?

I can't. We need to be more to kind to one another. Life is hard, everyone could use a helping hand.

*gets off of soapbox & starts to pray for the 10 year-old who managed to escape from the sinking car*

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