Monday, April 11, 2011

i want a t-shirt too...

Random: Has anyone tried these Insanity workout DVDs?

Flipping through the channels over weekend and happened upon the crazy looking info-mercial. And I was INSTANTLY intrigued.

Cause the Lord knows, my relationship with the gym has recently become sketchy at best. I just can't stand the smell, the machines are either occupied or broken and the person working out next to me ALWAYS seems to be coughing and sneezing. And is there anything worse than the sick person at the gym who's trying to "sweat" out a cold but doing nothing more than infecting everyone around them?????

READ: I need another way to address the soft & squishy situation that's happening on my tummy and thighs. IMMEDIATELY.

So tell me, is this just Tae Bo 2000 or does this nonsense really work?


  1. i know another blogger who is currently doing this as we speak she looks amazing...and yes, i could see the results through her pictures...check her out :)

  2. This and P90X (along with any other exercise program done correctly and consistently) are great for getting your summer body on, maintaining, or just getting into better shape/health.

    Key is to find something you're going to enjoy (and enjoy i use lightly... cause no pain, no gain isnt a lie.) and stick with it!
    as well as change your diet. that's a key thing!!

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