Tuesday, October 5, 2010

black done cracked...

Well goddamn, what in the accelerated aging process happened to Craig David??

Last time I looked he was this young British upstart with penchant for knit ski caps and EXTREMELY well groomed eyebrows boppin' around to his adorable single, 'Fill Me In'.

And now...

Shoot, negro looks like he been living through HARD times (and more than his far share of steroid shots to the ass).

Sigh. All I can say is, "let us pray."

*bows head & passes collection plate*


  1. LMAO! Craig David is like 50 years old!

  2. the title ALONE had me rolling lolol...like for real, what happened to him?

  3. He looks nastier than that brain in a jar.

  4. just wow, but Craig is 1/2 white that could be it.

  5. Are you sure that's him and not a stand in? :|?

  6. i actually think he looks his age, thirties maybe?

    i like the mature look. his face is all chiseled. how can we expect him to still look all babyfaced like he did ten years ago???