Wednesday, January 12, 2011

don't call me, i'll find you...

Oh yeah, I want to put everyone up on this website,

A modern day national address book of sort, this new service has basically compiled all the public data available on everyone and created individual user profiles. Which in theory should be no worse than the white pages (remember those?)

Except, these profiles include
EXTREMELY personal information. Mm-hmm... Think your marital status, lists of your relative and how they're related to you, your occupation and bio, an estimation of your annual income, photos & videos from sever social networking site you've belonged to like Myspace (remember THAT??)/ FB/Linkedin, hobbies, etc.


So essentially, for a nominal fee of course, any wacko in the world with internet access can find out how much they
think you make a year, who your favorite aunt is, where she lives and even get a Google picture of her front door.

You do the math.

I suggest you log on, find your profile, copy the URL, click on the Privacy link at the bottom of the page and get to opting out

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I mentioned the site to one of my homegirls yesterday. And do you know, that shady hooker replied, "Oh yeah, I heard about that last week. I figured you knew. I already removed myself." Uh, she thought I knew???


  1. W. T. H?! I was clueless too. Good looking out!!!

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  3. Mitzi, thanks so much for this. I had no idea and I just removed myself. I will be spreading the word! I remember I found a site that had everywhere I've ever lived including my college dorms, TMI floating around.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the site, MM! I had no idea. I just checked it out and found my info, but fortunately, it is not current. Still, very scary what you find online. There is just no privacy these days!

    - nicole wyskoarko

  5. wow, im glad i know about this, but ummm, i live in montreal, canada, so i did a check on my emails, and one of them is linked to a 19 year old girl in a 'faraway' land, but with my MYspace posts....what do i do???